Flower Girl

Emma was the flower girl for Curry Flautt's wedding in July... The Flautts are friends of the family, and years ago Curry & Anna were flower girls at Sister Amy's wedding... Now, 17 years later, Amy's daughter was returning the favor! I just can't get over what a darling little strawberry she is...

Easter 2006

My angel babies.

Emma & Henry
I gave her the hat for her birthday

Emma, my little Sugarplum Fairy.
Amazing how a blurry photo with dim lighting can look like an oil painting!

Grandmother Edwards' 90th Birthday!

All of Myrtle Faye Edwards' descendants!
First Row: Taylor Wilson, Henry Fenton, George Fenton
Second Row: Maddie Wilson, Kay Morreale, Grandmother, Emma Fenton, Susan Houston, Virginia Wilson
Third Row: Elliott Fenton, Virginia Ketz, Amy Fenton, Greta Wilson, Kristi Ketz-Mulick, Ashley Ketz

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