FYI to the relatives!
If you'd like to contact
other family members,
their emails are as follows:

Amy Fenton:

Greta Wilson:

Kay Morreale:

Pat the tiger if you'd
like to email me...

Well, I am not fair; and therefore I pray the gods make me honest -- Audrey, As You Like It


The utter pointlessness of this website is not lost on me - since I am fairly certain that the only folks that come calling are relatives seeking the latest baby pictures. But a personal history grounded in a need to exhibit myself for approval makes this personalized domain inevitable.

I am a walking oxymoron: an introverted exhibitionist. Go figure.

I am also an endangered species - the maiden aunt. I think the last one died in the mid-sixties.

My hobbies include cross-stitch, crochet, massive quantities of TV, Bollywood films and audiobooks. Not necessarily in that order.

I recommend Carbonite.com for online computer backup - WELL worth it!

But for Mac users, CrashPlan seems to work better...

McAfee Stinger malware removal tool

If I've talked to you about the Final Paperwork you should always have done in advance (Living Will, Funeral arrangements, etc.), then these are the FORMS I've recommended. Let me know if you need me to Notarize for you! You will still need a proper Will drawn up; afraid I don't have a form for that.

Date Last Modified: 12/21/17