I am a very silly person.

I am also somewhat intellectual. I like to think that Cool Sites reflects both of these aspects of my personality. As far as my alternating states of conceit and poor self-confidence are concerned... well, you'll have to look elsewhere for those.

BollyWHAT and Planet Bollywood -- These are two of my primary sites for getting info on all aspects of India's Bollywood films. I couldn't function without them! BollyWHAT is great for beginners and their questions, while Planet Bollywood is my source for film reviews.

BollywoodWest -- I MADE THIS SITE! And lo, I am inordinately pleased with it. I may not be terribly code-savvy, but I can do a decent job. This is my friend Renu's site - she's moved to Denver and is teaching Bollywood Dance.

BookMooch -- My latest addiction. It's a simple book-swap service, where you inventory all the books you're willing to give away, and you get a point for each book you send out, and pay a point for each book you mooch. All you pay is shipping on the ones you send!

Books-A-Million -- I shop here regularly for books - their prices can be considerably less than Amazon.com. And my brother's company designs and maintains the site, so... I sort of have to go there now...

Cow and Boy -- Cute, funny, shades of Calvin & Hobbes and Bloom County. *sigh* How I miss them both...

CuteOverload.com -- LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. check it several times a day. I am officially addicted to cute pictures of adorable bunnies, kitties, puppies, and the like, and this site is my Dealer.

The Daily Kitten -- Just what it says. New kitten picture each day. Brilliant.

ICanHasCheezburger.com -- funny, funny, funny. Animal pics (mostly cats) with bizzarely amusing captions.

Lileks.com - The Daily Bleat -- James Lileks is truly a genius - mordantly witty, insightful, well-informed, and devoted to his daughter, referred to as Gnat. His daily ruminations (The Bleat) on a variety of topics is one of my favorite daily websites. He also has a stupendous online collection of old advertisments, postcards, cookbooks, etc., all with hilarous commentary.

Little Orphan Annie -- This one is dear to my heart. Annie did not sing "The sun will come out tomorrow." She had no time to sing or hang out with the other orphans. She was too busy ducking bullets, dodging hit-and-run vehicles, and blowing up Nazi submarines! I have an article about WWII on this page.

Martini Ministry -- My friend Rachel has created her own web page, whereupon she waxes amusingly on various topics. She has been thoroughly indoctrinated into Bollywood by me (you're welcome!) and has written some hysterical reviews/synopses of various films. Very fun site!

Netflix -- I have the cheapest 2-DVDs-a-month membership here - for $5.45 a month. It has been a primary source for my current Bollywood passion, as well as getting me lots of documentaries and British programming I'd never find at the local video store.

The Norm -- It's back online! it went away for a while, there! I have a soft spot for this one.

Studio Briefing and WENN -- Both based on IMDB, these have quick, daily updates on entertainment and celebrity news. I first came across SB years ago at William Morris, where it was sent to us in a daily text email.

Television Without Pity -- A brutally funny and well-written site that gives in-depth, blow-by-blow synopses of most of the popular shows. I'm particularly fond of the writeups for Doctor Who, Survivor, Gilmore Girls and The Amazing Race.

Televisionary -- One of the better-informed TV Commentary blogs.

YouTube -- I find myself strolling over to this site almost every day now; it has so many video clips and so forth that I always find something to watch... especially tidbits from Doctor Who. *sigh* I wish I could meet Chris Eccleston...

Date Last Modified: 10/10/09